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Flap Single Layer Niqab - Black

Flap Single Layer Niqab - Black

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This style has a extra wide eye space that can be adjusted with the top flap.

It has a flap attached to the headband for optional covering on eyes. You can adjust the flap or choose to pin it on top. Its convenient to cover eyes with makeup!

• great length to provide coverage. (17" excluding head band which is 2.5")

• ties to provide custom fit.

•Quality soft chiffon fabric which is super breathable and light weight.


Length (excluding head band) = 17"

Width = 14"

Head band width = 2.5"

Eye opening = Adjustable 


Our niqabs are made of quality chiffon fabric which is super breathable, extremely light weight and long lasting. This piece is perfect for everyday use and provides comfortable fit.

Please allow 1-2 cm error due to manual measurements

***Colors may vary slightly due to camera quality and lightning***

Our niqabs are custom made. We pick fabric ourselves and get them tailored to perfection.

Quality is our first priority!


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