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The Ummatis is a family business. The motivation behind our store was the lack of affordable modest shari'a clothing in the community for sisters. Practicing sunnah attire shouldn't cost a fortune dear sisters! Our aim is to bring our community high quality modest clothing that is affordable and sustainable to help you practice deen!

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Great quality and doesn’t pinch my eyes at all. The fabric is also very soft, pretty, and light weight but not at all see through.


I'm wearing the black abaya and I just want to say I L-O-V-E it MashaAllah . It's perfect in every way!
Jazakillah Khair

Salam. I liked it. Thanks. Very nice. May Allah SWT bless your business more & more .Ameen. Love Sadia ❤️


Asalamalaikum, just received the package. I really like the abaya! I like how the pocket is so deep and the fit is PERFECT! I usually have a problem with the length of abaya because they arnt long enough and my feet show which I really dislike but I still got the longest size its perfect!